A few weeks ago I had a surgery which I had to check in for at 6:30 A.M - yuck!  I searched Yelp for reliable transport services, and based on the excellent reviews I decided to call Miles Lane Transportation - so glad I did.  He found my home to pick me up (most people get lost and have to call me for help), and he got me to where I needed to be on time.  With other drives in the past I've had a few unpleasant experiences where I've felt uncomfortable because the dude would be creepy or be a crappy driver, but not the case with Miles at all - I was totally comfortable and it was a very nice ride.  With so many things on my mind regarding the surgery, I really appreciated having this go so smoothly.  I highly recommend his services!
Michele U. Solana Beach, CA
Miles was the most tasteful and classy taxi driver I have ever had. He took us to the Del Mar Racetracks and was so classy, thoughtful, punctual and accomodating. He is the one and only taxi driver I would recommend to anyone close to me. Miles is accomodating and flexible which is a necessary characteristic when picking up more than a handful of girls. He also had his limo license so he can allow for alcoholic beverages inside his vehicles. Thank you Miles for making our day so special and flaw free. You are awesome!
Maegan S.
After calling a number of taxi drivers for transportation to Opening Day at the Races, we finally found in my opinion the ABSOLUTE best taxi of all. Not only was Miles able to reserve a cab for our large group, he confirmed the day before, showed up early and was very patient and understanding even after losing people in our reservation total. Miles was friendly, fair priced, and overall very reliable. I would highly recommend and continue to use his service in the future. Great experience and trustworthy, a very nice guy.
Jasmine N.
Miles gave us great service from la jolla to Oceanside after girls night out.  He will always be my first call when I need taxi service.  I can't say enough nice things about his friendly customer service and our experience, I would recommend Miles to any of my friends.  He also will give you a quote for your service unlike Yellow Cab or any other local cab company.  And his rates are very fair.  He is very reliable and professional, if you need taxi service, do YOURSELF a favor and call Miles 😉
Brittney C.
I first called Miles six months ago. What a find!  He offers excellent customer service and is always right on time with the cleanest vehicle, he is polite, courteous, reliable and friendly. He knows how to get around in San Diego and will get you to your destination on time. I have recommended Miles to all my friends and so should you! 04/26/2012
Bridget M.
After sorting through other transportation services via Yelp I called Miles a couple of weeks ago when my fiance and I needed a ride to the airport for an overseas trip. I called him the day before the trip. His price was on par with what the other people had quoted me, however right off the bat he was much friendly than others who I'd already felt turned off about. He said he couldn't recall what his Yelp special was so I told him it was 15% but with 48 hour notice which I clearly wasn't providing! He was very cool and offered to still give me the discount. I gave him all the deets and although he had some trouble finding the place initially he still arrived early as he stated he would. Miles is very laid back and chats with you like you're buddies and treats you like a friend. A helpful friend! We enjoyed the cush ride in the minivan and arrived at the airport with no problems. I had also confirmed with him ahead of time if he accepted credit cards (he does) but my fiance ended up having enough cash (Miles even gave us more of a discount). He had this spiffy little device that he connects to his phone to run the credit cards through and he was a bit bummed he didn't get to try it out on us! Fast forward two weeks - about to hop on a plane for 19+ hours and would like to have a ride home after another plane and 30 hours later - I text Miles from S. Africa and ask if we can get a ride back home from the airport. We confirm and all is well. 30 hours later we arrive back in SAN and several text messages pop up. Miles is beyond sick and can't get us,  but he has arranged for another driver to be waiting for us and has given me all of the info. While we weren't a huge fan of this other guy we beyond appreciate Miles going above and beyond to arrange someone to be there for us. It would've been awful to land after more than a day of travel and discover we now have to figure out how to get home! He even texted me later that day to make sure we're home and that everything worked out. So nice to find someone who cares about his customers! My fiance travels weekly and I won't always be able to get him to or from the airportso I'm happy to know that (pending Miles being healthy, or I guess even when he's not) we have a good reliable service when I'm not able to handle it! 03/11/2011
Erin H.

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